Yesterday afternoon around 2:00pm while sitting at the light in large amount traffic, a speeding car ran into us from behind pushing our new van right under the red light. Praise be to God the full forward traffic saw in advance and stayed stopped as my husband pulled into the gas station that was directly beside the light. The guy that hit us sped right on by.

Praise God, no one was seriously hurt! We know for certain that it was just God’s covering because it should have been much worse because of the speed that the driver was driving.

My entire family was involved, which was my husband, myself and our 5 children. Our youngest children were sitting in the very back.

To God’s favor the people that was behind the vehicle that hit us went after the car that hit us and sped off and they came back and gave us the vehicle license place number and a description the license plate. However, they said because the car was still speeding one of the numbers were incorrect.

We came out of it with just a small dent in our van rear and a little shaken up. My oldest daughter was complaining of head & neck pain. My chest, stomach and lower back were hurting some but not a lot. My husband back & right leg was in severe pain for he was pressing on the brakes. The other children said that they were just fine.

We called the police and they came immediately. After all the paper work was done, they recommended that we all go to the hospital, especially me because of pregnancy and the areas of pain. Before we even left the parking lot, the officer that took the report called us and told us that they caught the guy that hit us (even with the missing number in the license plate) and he was bringing back a copy of the police report. The description of the plate identified the vehicle, just another act of our Lord.

Afterwards we all went to the hospital. Things turned out to be nothing serious except the baby heart rate was high and they told me to go to my OB in emergency the next morning, which I had an appointment anyway. The doctor said that there was some bleeding but baby was extremely active. She did some test and said for me to come back in 2 weeks and we’re see then but it it’s something to serious to wait she will call me.

God showed me days before in a dream that the accident would happen but everything would be fine. I didn’t remember the dream until after it all but that was fine.

There is indeed more testimony to this but this blog has gotten so long already so I’ll stop here.

I praise God that we were saved and that we are God’s children and we are under His covering! I will praise Him the rest of my days! There’s none liken unto our God!!!!!!!

We know that there’s purpose, even in this!!!