A Wounded Heart

 heart wounded


My eyes can barely believe

That which they have seen

But my heart must believe

Because my eyes have already seen it

Yet it is still hard

For me to receive it

And my heart wants to reject it


It cannot

Now my heart is wounded and badly bleeding

It is severely damaged

And feels so weighty

It feels difficult to carry it

And now that my heart has been scared

Plus my mind well-worn

It seems as if I should be brain dead

But I am not

Maybe if I was

I would not have to think on the wound from my pierced  heart

It appears to be more than I can tolerate

I am going into overload

It seems as though I am dying

But Wait

I feel sensations from a very strong source

That source is God

He is putting life back into me

I am feeling stronger and the heaviness is slightly lifting

He has sealed the wound

Yet I know that I will have to bear the scar

But ONLY for a short while

He whispers to me,

“I have brought you through this

Just like I brought you through many other things,

You WILL live and prosper

 Just As I have predestined it”

Years later, I am yet alive

And though the scar remains

I have moved forward in my life

And have prospered in MANY ways


 By Catonya W. Faison ©2007-2008 All rights reserved

Jesus friend of the wounded heart


Often times I wonder if those people that has wounded my heart ever felt any regret from what they did to me. Well today I received my answer from the one that mended my heart and that answer was yes.