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Addicted to Your Presence


Breathe, respire oh breath

Breathe down, breathe out

Exhale until I am full

Filled to capacity

Then overflowing

As I inhale all that you have to offer to me

I shut my eyes

I inhale your presence

I inhale your peace

My insides is tingling

I can barely keep still

I can remain silent no longer

I am intoxicated

I am filled with you

Out of my mouth

Off of my lips

I will sing sweet melodies to you

I can not help from lifting my hands

In praise and in gratitude

I have surrendered

Now I am consumed

I am captivated

I am awestruck

By you

I yearn more

I crave more

I require more

Please satisfy my addiction

Withdrawals are agonizing

I am certain God

I am addicted

Addicted to your presence

AND I am COMPLETELY satisfied!


By Catonya W. Faison ©2007-2008 All rights reserved


Addicted 4 life