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Friends I have tried to hang in here for you guys for as long as I could. I pray I don’t disappoint any of you but I will be away for a while again. I’m really not feeling well today and it’s been drawn out for a couple of days now. I must take a rest! I’m not sure when I’ll be back.SadThank you all so much for the prayers for me. God has indeed worked some miracles in my life and I know He’s not done yet.

The situation I’m facing right now is that the doctor said that I have a tumor in my stomach and it’s about as big as an 11week baby and it is right above the baby. My stomach has been bothering me a lot and it’s distended and not due to the baby. It’s been difficult for me to breathe when I try to move around.

I will miss you all tremendously BUT I WILL be back as soon as I can! No matter what, I know I’m going to WIN in the endSmile! I REALLY believe that.


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Much love to all of you!Red rose