Dream Big


Only as high as I can reach

Can I grow,

Only as far as I seek

Can I go,

Only as far as I look

Can I see,

Only as big as I dream

Can I be,


I AM choosing to soar high,

Far beyond what I consider my potential to be,

Seeking distant and further than what the average is,

Gazing deep into a matter until,

Until I arrive at the depths of the very core of an issue,

Envisioning frequently and large,

In faith, confidence and expectation

Of achieving my purpose.


By Catonya W. Faison ©2007-2008 All rights reserved


For God knows the thoughts and plans He have for me, thoughts and plans for benefit and peace and not for evil, to give me hope in my final outcome.


priase.jpg Praise picture by TheGodlyRealm