Misc_May0005.jpg Backyard Misty Morning image by windowshooter

Disappointment In Me


Sitting outside on the steps

In the cool of the morning,

When the air is freshest,

The ground still wet from the dew,

The cool, refreshing winds revive my body with its breath.

Surrounding all about me is God’s beautiful creations.

From as far as my physical eyes can see,

In my view is part of earth,

The green and brown grass,

Trees of all shapes, types, color, and height,

Birds flying and some taking a rest.

In my ears

I can hear the many chirps and songs of obvious very different birds,

Many in which I can not see

But their sounds let me know that they are there,

Then there is me,

 just being.

All in which our living God has created, and made

And He saw that it was good.

All doing what we were created to do,

No disappointment in them.

But then there is me,

I think of the many times I may disappoint my Creator, my God, my Father

In my on selfish ways and endeavors,

Not walking as I should

In the wisdom, joy, love, and peace that He has given to me,

I find disappointment in me,

Yet my Creator, my God, my Father

Still counts me as an achievement,

And continues to invest in me.
By Catonya W. Faison ©2007-2008 All rights reserved