This is a poem I wrote while in the distress of my illness, with a message of hope in the end.
               A Maze

In the turmoil of four walls,

There is no place to escape to

But in my dreams, poetry and songs,

Where there is but moments of peace,

In the place of these four walls is everything evil,

Everything wrong and incorrect,

No freedom just to be,

No freedom to live and enjoy one’s surroundings,

No freedom to laugh or just to relax.

I feel like a mouse

Trapped in a maze

That moves aimlessly around

Only to find itself going no where fast,

Who finds itself back in the same awful spot, tired and exhausted,

Now to realize that it is trapped.

Trapped in a place where there is no windows,

No doors

And no way to escape.

I am suffocating.

I can not breathe

My air is very then.

I feel so very sick

My heart is racing and I feel faint.

It seems that death has arrived for the little life that I have left.

I yell out but it appears that no one hears me.

Who will search for me,

Who will find me,

Rescue me

And deliver me from this place before my last breath is taken by death,

Who will snatch me from Death’s grip,

Restore my sinking body and keep me alive,

It must be someone,

Someone of great love, great mercy and great compassion,

for the fragile, the weak, the exhausted and the hurting.

There is nothing I can do.

I am beyond self help,


I MUST remain and wait for my deliverer and my savior,                                

I wait in hopes of my God’s mercy and His Love,

And so He arrives,

Not in person but He has arrives and stood high in me,

Now I feel that I can make it,

I can go on

I can live

Because now life have been breathed into me

By my deliverer

And my savior.


By Catonya W. Faison ©2007-2008 All rights reserved


Godtakemeaway.jpg God Take Me Away image by tonyschamber


God wants me alive


There are times we go through difficult situations and circumstances that may not be easy to deal with but we must wait for our deliverer, knowing that when He arrives, He WILL make ALL things to work out for our good and give us the peace that our heart and souls so desperately needs.