Many of you are aware that I’ve been away for a while for health reasons and many of you may not have known but had the opportunity to know the situation in my May 17th blog.


A genuine thank you to all of you for your love, prayers, comments and letters of concern.


Special thanks to you Shirley for what I felt by the spirit to be very sincere and heartfelt concern. Every comment, letter, picture and prayer was and is treasured gems that I will always cherish and hold next to my heart and I want to thank you dear friend for your persistence even though I weren’t able to reply to many. I saw almost daily you were emailing me. Also to Kisha who came to help out with some house chores to give my husband a break from having to do majority of the cooking, cleaning, entertaining the children and working.


My health has continued to be a challenge but my faith has in no ways withered. Yes, there were times when things were really bad for me and though I wasn’t blogging because I wasn’t on my computer, I was still writing (poetry), and singing songs of encouragement and being encouraged in my bible reading & prayer times. I am writing this blog now to let my friends know that I am still holding on to my Father’s hand and being strengthened daily. What I truly believe to be as results to answered prayers from my family & friends.


On my birthday on the 10th my friend Marilyn called me but I was feeling really bad and I was unable to speak to her. She was so determined to get a hold of me she called back the next day but I was still so sick and not able to talk to her but on the third day though I still wasn’t feeling my best I was determined to call her back and give my sincere thanks for her persistence and oh how good & pleasant it is for two kindred spirits to connect in the presence of the Lord regardless of where it is done from. We talked for a long while and it was like a drink of ice cold water in the desert. Marilyn told me that though she had still continually been going to my page for encouragement, my page seemed like it was missing something because when she went to view my blogs it said my last blog was May 18. I asked her what was missing. She so softly said, “You,” “You are missing; your presence from your page is missing!” “You can feel you have not been active on it.” I said, “Yes Marilyn, I know.” I felt a little bad about that and I was happy that she told me that. I needed to here that. I know that many of you are and have been counting on me, my words and my presence on my page and because I know that, in some way I felt like I owed something to all of you my friends, my fans & my readers (all of God’s children).  


Much love to you ALL, ALWAYS!

 ThankYouforPrayingforMe.jpg Thank You for Praying for Me.jpg image by Steppyville