This is encouragement to myself and a memo to the enemy who’s TRYING to steal my joy and an cause me to waver in my faith!

On May 16 I received some not so good news from the hospital after my 12 hour visit. For those that know me know that I have not been to a doctor or a hospital, taking any medicine( not even a Tylenol )in over 3 1/2 years by the leading of God but that’s a awesome testimony within itself but I’ll stick to my topic.

I’m sorry to report that I can not tell you that everything is ok with me at this time, though it is but God’s will be done! You’ll know more of what that means before you’ve finished reading this. I’ve been REALLY sick for about 3 weeks now. I’ve felt weak & tired alot, sharp pains in my chest making it difficult for me to breathe, I’ve had times that my hand and arm has gone numb and back pains but of coarse I ignored it as I so often do because we stopped going to the doctor etc. as I listed above. I would take vitamins though:-). What I did to get through it was to pray and sing until I would feel comfort.

Yesterday morning I felt really bad and I began to vomit. After that, I went  to the hospital, calling myself going ONLY for a free pregnancy test around 10:00 am. When I got there what I thought would take minutes turned into 12 hours. The doctor said by my blood results I was at kidney failure! The normal numbers are 1.5 but mine was 2. They said I was really too young for a number as high as that because it’s normally found in much older people. She also said that I tested positive for blood clots and positive for pregnancy. They said because of the severe pain in my chest and the times it’s been hard for me to breathe, it needed to be determined if some blood clots had floated into my lungs. Which meant I could be dead by my second month of pregnancy and the best way for them to check was by a CAT scan but they said that I was too early in pregnancy and that much radiation would be very dangerous for the baby but they recommended nuclear medicine with x-ray. She stated that it was dangerous also but not as dangerous as the CAT scan but it could cause me to miscarry, or cause the baby to be deformed or still born but she stated that if I didn’t do the nuclear medicine and the blood clots was in my lungs, it could kill me by the time I reached my second month in pregnancy. She said we was really between a rock and a hard place. Well my husband and I decided to go ahead and do it. The test came back negative for being in my lungs but then they wanted to transport me to another hospital to give me a ultra sound of my leg to see if the blood clots were in my right leg since I was having some pain in that leg when she pressed my leg. The results was also negative for being in my right leg. They then transported me back to the first hospital. They then told me that it only meant that it wasn’t in my lungs or in my right leg but it could be in another part of my body, therefore we were right back where we started because still being in a part of my body, the blood clots could break off and float up to my lungs or heart and still kill. They released me from the hospital saying that it is vital and urgent that I see a kidney specialist and a ob-gyn so they can figure out what need to be done about my conditions because of the severity of them but they didn’t want to hospitalize me because I was out of town. I felt and knew that it wasn’t because I was out of town so they didn’t want to admit me, they didn’t want to hospitalize me because I didn’t have insurance and the test that was taken already was really pricey.

To sum it all up, their saying that I could miscarry because of the nuclear medicine that I’ve had but if I didn’t miscarry, the baby could be deformed or still born. They also stated that the baby could cause my kidney to fail but if I miscarry my kidney could still fail because of the high level my kidney function is and it could cause me to have to go on dialysis. The doctor is not sure where the blood clots are but it they break off, they could float to my lungs or heart and kill me. They labeled my pregnancy as high risk.

1FlattenedFaithcopy.jpg faith image by autumnstar333

BUT…after all that is said and done. GOD IS in CONTROL and HE has the LAST say!!! And the only report I can count on is the report of the Lord so friends do stand with me in prayer and unwavering faith in these matters because I feel we’re on the edge of something big! Take a leap of faith with me. WHATEVER happens, may my Father in Heaven be glorified!!!

 Still I will take NO medicine, JUST VITAMINS and I refuse to go for any follow up on my condition. I WILL continue to stand on what God told me years ago concerning that! There may be some of you who don’t understand this stance but that’s ok. I’m governed by God ONLY!!!