In Remembrance of a TRULY loved & adored friend Diamond who passed away yesterday. You live on in memory & in my heart. I only pray that you met Jesus where you are love!

I say she left too soon because I wasn’t sure if she was saved & Jesus was the head of her life and I never got a chance to ask her!

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This blog is in dedication to Diamond!

My friend Diamond was from London and she was a celebrity, therefore she was often in the public eyes. She had secrets that the paparazzi  even wasn’t aware of. She had a rare disease that cause intense burning inside her body that came when she was stressed or under pressure. She told me that the doctors gave her only a short time to live but she would never tell me what the disease actually was because she didn’t want me to look online to find out how serious it really was. She wasn’t close to her parents. She often told me that I was all she had though she had other friends. She often felt that the others around was only around to get something from her or just to see her fall. Because of her modeling and acting career I didn’t speak to her much and wasn’t sure where she last moved because it was tightly under wraps but when we did talk it often ended up in tears because of her health and the things she went through and I was her strong arm and was proud to be that for her. I knew a side of her I know no one else ever saw. She was extremely good at hiding her pain & feelings with outsiders but NEVER with me. God allowed me to see her inside out but He respected the fact that she wanted to keep her health illness a secret because He never revealed to me what her illness was and she was even amazed about that and often said to me, "Catonya, with all that God reveals & show you, He has never revealed to you what my illness was and I thank Him for that!" Then we would both laugh. I respected the fact that she wanted to keep it a secret.

After many years she returned to her home town (to be kept private) and we ran into each other in a restaurant that we both liked visiting together. We greeted each other with tight hugs & tears. For I didn’t know at the time that it would be our last greeting.Even then she was surrounded by her body guards. We went into the bathroom to secretly talk about what had been going on with her and why we were out of touch so long as the guards stood outside the door. As we began sitting on the floor talking, the conversation became very intense for her and resulted in heavy tears. I embraced her tightly and the Lord allowed me to feel not only the emotional pain but also the physical pain she enduring at that very moment and tears flooded my face onto hers as I was holding her as a mother would hold her baby in a reaction to console them. She at that time told me how much I had meant to her and the impact that I had on her life and how she had changed as a result of our special friendship. The strangest thing happened and I say strange because she had never before asked this of me but asked me to sing to her what ever came to my heart but she wanted it to be original. I prayed and asked the Lord to put a song in my spirit that could bring peace to her body as well as her soul and He did just that. Tears rolled down both our cheeks as I sung with all that was in me! I’m sure the people in the restaurant was curious what we were doing in there for so long but I thank God that during that time no one had to use the rest room. Then she closed her eyes and she was gone.

I must stop here because I can’t bare to write anymore! (Her name was kept private intentionally) But I’ll call her Diamond because she was valuable to me & I kept her close to my heart!

I love you my sister and I know that you went home knowing that!

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nevergotachancetosaygoodbye.jpg never got a chance to say goodbye image by vbh2009 I never got a chance to say goodbye and tell her how much her friendship meant to me and I loved her more like a sister! Sad

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