Who and/or what have you surrendered the majority of your time to? (work, TV, Internet, hobbies, bad habits, etc.)

This is indeed a question that we all need to reflect on because it has become a tremendous problem for many of us! I ponder on it even now as I write this blog.

We should first surrender our time to GOD.gif GOD image by ArchAngel555! God owns it anyway. Unfortunately, we often ask God to wait in line for leftover time. No wonder life seems out of sync! We need help with our task to manage properly what has been entrusted to us until Christ returns or wants it back, and that includes our time.

Think about a compass and a clock. Two very important tools with two very different purposes. One would be wise not to confuse the two.

To surrender our time to GOD.gif GOD image by ArchAngel555 is to be governed by a compass rather than to be controlled by a clock.

compass.gif compass image by wleary1    OR      ticking clock(sorry for this being side ways, couldn’t rotate)

A compass provides a sense of direction, purpose, vision, perspective, and balance. A clock measures duration, the expenditure of time. A compass determines effectiveness—doing the right tasks. A clock determines efficiency—how long it takes to accomplish a task. Each has its place. But, the compass must come before the clock; therefore, effectiveness before efficiency. The “mega priorities” of the compass subordinate the “mini priorities” of the clock.

A compass, therefore, becomes a symbol of an internal guidance system that provides us with our values and convictions based on God’s Word. In the same manner that the magnetic force pulls the compass needle, it is God who governs the drive of our lives. We surrender to his force.

Our time should be surrendered to  GOD.gif GOD image by ArchAngel555daily.

People have asked me, with a husband, 4 small children, a teenager, housework and ministry, how do I  successfully manage it all. Well, for those of you who know me knows that it’s no easy job. But I try my best to give my very first minutes to God, then I commit the remainder of the day to His Lordship and amazingly I work more effectively and efficiently!

Let this work for you too!