The strangest thing happened this morning while I was up cleaning, praying and listening to the word of God! I heard noises in our chimney so I went to wake my husband. I felt by the sound of the noises that I heard, it was a bird and it was. My husband tried to release him to go back up the chimney but the bird didn’t want to go back the same way he came in so the only other way was down and out and down he came, soaring all over the house just as free has he could be. As my husband and I just watched him soaring around the house, the bird finally landed on our fireplace in front of our big mirror. We watched the bird actually stretching his neck to see himself in the big mirror. He did this 3 times before he began soaring through the house once more. We couldn’t past up the chance of the children seeing this bird in our house before we would release him. We woke the children up just to see this because we knew this was a once-in-a-life-time event. When the children saw it, they was really amused by it! They just laughed and giggled at the actions of this bird. My 2 year old son Isaiah decides to communicate with his new found friend because he flew down to Isaiah’s height. This is so cute how Isaiah is just talking to this bird!Angel

This is the exact bird that’s in our house (yes, even as I’m typing)

starling.jpg bird image by maseman12

BUT…the time has come for us to release him back into the place God created for him, outside in the open skies. jan013.jpg sky, trees and birds image by sohip

It’s kind of sad to see him goSad. But this is a outside bird and needs to be where he belongs therefore, I’m happy that we could release him unharmed first from our chimney and now back to where he belongsSmile.

Well…We opened the door to release him but he won’t go out and we’ve tried fanning him away but he just keep flying around. Well, it’s time for our morning prayer & worship so we’ll try again afterwards.Maybe he wants to pray & sing with us, so we’ll give him that chanceWink.

singing.gif bird singing image by jordie102938

Well about 30 minutes after singing and prayer we must get birdie out and back to where he belongs. My husband opens the door and our children surround him so there’s no where else for him to go but out. And there he goes, back in the trees in the skyOpen-mouthed.

Oh, my 9 year old son Zhai’kale has such a tender heart and he sheds a few tears after the birds exitSad.