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The Lord has a plan for you! Stand by and let him declare the plan he has for you. If this stirs something in you, then I believe that this is especially for you. Know that the lord knows you because he created you.
God says, "My child, I have a plan for you! If you will ask and allow me, I WILL help you through! Continue to stay faithful and all so true and believe that I WILL carry you through. I never lie or promise things that I don’t do. Know that it’s something I can NEVER do!
 I AM, your God, faithful and true. Believe in me my child! I will be there to catch you if you fall or pick up up again after you’ve fallen.
My child, I call you special because you are and I love you. REMEMBER, I have a plan for you! I ONLY desire that you you allow me to help you to follow through!
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