Why is it that people ask you to add them to their friends list, yet they never stop by or say hello? The other day I visited a friend from my friends list and wanted to leave them a message to let them know I thought about them. The person didn’t even know who I was yet they asked me to add them as friend. I don’t care about just adding people to my friends list just for the numbers.That’s beneath who I am. If I accept you as friend it’s because I’ve valued something you said or something I saw on your space, therefore I’m going to stop by your space every once in a while because I value you!
If you really don’t value or want my friendship then please delete me from your friends list! I promise I want be upset or hurt because I will delete you if I don’t here from you within a month’s time! That’s not to much to ask!
Thank you for your attention in this matter!!!
Catonya "The Truth"