What do we do when we know a storm is approaching?


1)      Do we take it nonchalantly, therefore going about our usual routines until it get seemly close, not preparing for it in advance and it catches us off guard?

2)      Do we evacuate before it comes because we’re not fully persuaded in our own mind that God will keep us protected?

3)      Do we remain where we reside, continue to pray and praise God knowing that He is able to deliver us but even if He don’t, we don’t run off because we know that if He allows it, because we’re in Him we can know that all things work together for our good knowing that we were called according to His purpose?

There are many different types of storms that may arise in our lives but it’s not so much what we do to prepare for the storm because sometimes we find that even though we attempt to prepare, the impact sometimes is just to enormous.

Other times we may just want to pack up and leave, which some us do because we feel that we just can’t handle it anymore because the storms are just too frequent and powerful. It doesn’t seem like God is answering our prayers because things don’t seem to be getting any better.

BUT…When we’re centered in God and we’re looking not at the things that are seen, KNOWING THAT THEY ARE TEMPRAL AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE, we can be content in what ever state that we find ourselves in because we have the peace of God, truth and perfect love that lays within us that casts out all fear and defeat therefore we can remain and hold fast our positions in strength because we continue to pray, praise & bless God knowing that He is well able to deliver us but even if He don’t, it is according to His divine plan and purpose.


Advice: Whether we have found or find ourselves being #1 or #2, let us find hope, strength and peace in #3!


We  must face the storms head on! In every storm there is a chance for us to grow stronger and mature!



   ©2008 by Catonya Faison "THE TRUTH"Red rose