This is an email sent to me and I just wanted to share it with others.
Encouragement from me to you: "Just when you think no one’s listening or no one notices, God sends someone by to let you know that what you do for God is not going unnoticed!"
Subject: Righteousness
Message: Dear Breathen
I don’t know who you are as a person but I know who you are in Christ!! While I was reading your profile I felt a special annointing flowing!! God bless you!! And God bless your attitude!!  I admire and felt God’s approval while reading the part where you spoke about not veering away from God’s purpose for your life and about the world’s glory. It takes a lot of courage, love and gratefullness towards God to have that attitude. It’s what’s going to take you straight to an eternity in God’s presence!!!
God bless you richly and abundantly!!!

Your sister,

Pastor Leandra