Many times we see people in their present state of being. We don’t know where they’ve been or what they’ve endured in times past or what they could be going through daily.

People are angry, hurt, misunderstood, bitter and confused, which all may have to do with the road they have traveled or is presently traveling but all we see is the results of where they’ve been or what is happening in their life to cause them to be the way that they are. Yes, those angry, hurt, misunderstood, bitter and confused people may be rude, unloving, not caring, insensitive and selfish which may in return cause you to carry some of the very traits they possess because they’ve been directed to you. It can be a chain reaction if someone doesn’t decide to stop it before it goes too far and be more damaging than it would’ve been if it was stopped in advanced.

It’s just like well built dominos that has been shaped for perfection then suddenly because of tiniest blow of air or touch of the hand, they just all begin to collapse before your eyes. You could stand and watch them continually crash or choose to stop them before they ruin the whole beautiful structure. Some people would say, “Well it can’t be helped now, the process has already started,” Giving up on it instantly. Others would say, “Well it’s come to far to let it all just fall apart.” Which one will you be or should I ask which one are you?


Why not extend your heart, your love or even your hand freely to that one that you may feel doesn’t deserve it, even if you don’t quite understand that individual. Let them know your love goes beyond your understanding! Besides, God has done the very same thing for you.Angel