May God truly bless YOU in this New Year!!!
Make realistic goals for yourself, write them down, pray about them and try to achieve them!

Go through your cell phone, caller id, calendar, & email addresses and discard all the people & events that mean you no good or don’t benefit your life!

Stop making excuses about your life and make changes!

If you are involved with a person, job, or circumstance that is doing more harm than good, do yourself a favor – LET IT GO!

Stop being someone’s mistress; especially if you are aware that you are!

Take care of your kids if you have them and devote a weekend when you spend "quality" time with them!

Listen more! Talk Less!  Give to others without worrying about you yourself being without!

Tell people you love them before your hear or go through some great tragedy in your life!

If you are married, stop cheating. If you’re guilty of this, ask God to forgive you and don’t do it again!

Be more positive!

Appreciate everyone. WHY do we put each other down for the most ridiculous things??

Men and women! Cry more! It’s therapeutic.

If you’re not in a relationship, let God FILL the void!
FORGIVE! FORGIVE! FORGIVE! All of us have been forgiven for something, so open your heart! Remember – God forgave you. (I’m really trying hard with this one)

You don’t have to speak up for yourself, allow God to do it!

Live like today is your last day, love like God taught us, and laugh like you’ve never laughed before!

Lastly, if it’s only 10 minutes a day have a little talk with Jesus! Let Him know you want to be better today than you were yesterday and
watch Him turn things around for you.