The other night when it was time for my little ones to go to bed, I told my oldest daughter to go and tell her brother and sisters.Well my five year old daughter likes to sleep on the floor, under her bed on her Dora sleeping mat near the vent and that’s where my oldest daughter found her all wrapped up. My oldest daughter told my five year old that she couldn’t sleep on top of the vent where she was because she was "covering" the vent and she wouldn’t be able to feel the heat. My five year old responded by saying, "Oh that’s right because thou shall not "covet", go tell momma I’m sorry! Sad LOL Open-mouthed ALL we could do was laugh, and  laugh some more. After we caught our breathe, my oldest daughter told her that she said,"covering" not "coveting"!Open-mouthed My five year old smiledAngel and said, "ohhh"